PerfectFit: Custom-Fit Garment Design in Augmented Reality

Akihiro Kiuchi Anran Qi Eve Mingxiao Li Dávid Maruscsák Christian Sandor Takeo Igarashi

Representative Image


The mass production of the garment under a standard size in the garment industry does not consider individual body shape differences, resulting in unfitted garments and severe overproduction. Unluckily, the traditional tailor-fitting process is time-consuming, labour-intensive and expensive. We present PerfectFit, an interactive AR garment design system for fitting garments based on individual body shapes. Our system simulates the virtual garment reacting realistically to the client's body shape and motion, and displays stereoscopic images to the designer via the AR glass. This enables the designer to identify the garment fitting via the client's real-time motion from any viewpoint. Additionally, our system provides an editing interface to the designer which allows he/she interactively explores the design space of the garment and adjusts the fitting. Our system then reflects the changes on the client's body. For the exhibit, visitors will play the role of the designer and interact with a person who plays the role of the client. The visitor designer role wears the AR Glass and can view the garment fitting issue on the client's body. The visitor can explore the garment design space freely, and the author will provide slight guidance to the visitor on where and how to edit the garment to achieve better fits when needed. Our system will give the visitor an immersive experience of customizing the garment like a tailor.



Akihiro Kiuchi, Anran Qi, Eve Mingxiao Li, Dávid Maruscsák, Christian Sandor, and Takeo Igarashi. 2023. PerfectFit: Custom-Fit Garment Design in Augmented Reality. In SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 XR (SA XR ’23), December 12–15, 2023, Sydney, NSW, Australia. ACM, New York, NY, USA, 2 pages.